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Expression of PAin, Relief and Pleasure

Expression of PAin, Relief and Pleasure

Have you ever felt sad because of pain?or we can say have you ever felt happy because of pleasure?and feeling relief after doing something that you do hope you have completed it. today, the discussion is about expression of relief, pain and pleasure. so many expression found in daily used. we sometime never realize whether the expressions are polite or not but the most important thing we express the feeling on different way . imagine for example : what do you say if you have a serious headache? or How do you feel when your close friend gives you a bunch of flowers?or how do you feel if you pass the entrance test at your favorite university? here some expressions that we used to say it , you can respond the question by choosing this following expression:

Expressions of Pain
• I am suffering from a relapse.
• I have toothache.
• I feel sick./I feel ill.
• I’m sick.
• Ouch!

Expressions of Pleasure
• It is really delightful./I am delighted.
• It’s really a great pleasure.
• I am pleased.
• That’s great.
• That’s wonderful.

Expressions of Relief
• It’s a relief to know that ....
• Thank God for ....
• I’m glad it was done.
• Thank goodness!

For Practice :
Complete the following dialogue using expressions
provided in the box and act it out.

a. By all means
b. I am glad it was done
c. Don't mention it
d. We are excited
e. I had a gastric problem
f. I am happy you made a quick recovery
g. It's a relief to hear that
h. That's wonderful
i. I am suffering from a relapse
j. That's great

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